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The Filipino-American Historical Society Biography Project started in 2004 in preparation of Hawaii's 2006 Filipino Centennial Celebration.

The Unheard Voices Project is a collection of biographic transcriptions of Filipinos interviewed by Filipino-American Historical Society members and volunteers. Subject selection for interviews was based on the premise that many stories and perspectives of "everyday" individuals are not preserved. To capture this segment of society and facilitate a conversational atmosphere, interviewers were encouraged to interview people with whom they were personally familiar.

Audio and/or video interviews were first conducted, from which written transcripts were created verbatim. These verbatim transcripts were then edited, clarified and approved by the interviewee for distribution. Presented here are the final products between interviewers and their interviewees.

Initial research and publication funding was received from the Hawaii Council for the Humanities.

The views and opinions contained in each oral history are solely those of the interviewee and interviewer and not necessarily those of eFIL, FAHSOH, FilCom, OMSS, HCH or the University of Hawaii.

Norma and Constance Arzaga (Patricia Brown)

Helen Duhaylongsod Barcelona (Helen Nagtalon Miller)

Pete Behasa (Deanna Espinas)

Edward Felipe (Nicki Garces)

Ernest "Ernie" Duterte Libarios, Sr. (Melinda Tria Kerkvliet)

Nora Gozon Tagalog (Melinda Tria Kerkvliet)

Pete Tagalog (Melinda Tria Kerkvliet)

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