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I. eFIL Archive Programs [Go to]

III. Procedures Relating to Collection Policy [Go to]

II. Collection Policy and Areas

A. Manuscript Collection

The Manuscript Collection of eFIL Archives contains digitized records of Filipinos and Filipino organizations. The digitized records include include diaries/memoirs, correspondence, journals, business and church records, maps, photographs, and other related textual, graphic, literary and artifactual materials. The objective of the Manuscript Collection is to digitally preserve primary source materials documents the lives of Filipinos in Hawaii.

eFIL is primarily interested in collecting in the following areas: a) private papers of public officials who served in districts in Hawaii where most of the constituents are Filipino, b) private papers of individuals or families which reflect the politicial, social, cultural, or economic history of Filipinos in Hawaii, c) records of organizations, institutions and businesses in Hawaii which reflect religious, social, cultural, civic, educational or economic development of Filipinos in Hawaii.

B. Library Collection

The Library Collection of eFIL Archives contains digitized published materials which are no longer in print or are very hard to find. Permission to digitize materials and make them accessible through the Intermet will be obained.

Primary Collection Areas:

-- Biographical materials, personal accounts, and family histories.

-- Newspapers and other periodicals.

-- Substantive treatises, general histories, and historical studies on or related to Filipinos in Hawaii.

-- Philippine language imprints especially those published in Hawaii.

C. Visual Collection

The Visual Collection of eFIL Archives provides visual information that complements the Archives' documentation of the history of Filipinos in Hawaii. It includes digitized photographs, negatives, moving images, graphics, post cards, portraits, posters, drawings, and other artistic materials. The emphasis of the collection is on documenting a comprehensive economic, political, social, and cultural pictorial history of Filipinos in Hawaii.

D. Audio Collection

The Audio Collection of eFIL Archives includes oral histories and music on disc, cassette tape, or as sheet music. The emphasis of the collection is on including sound in documenting the history of Filipinos in Hawaii.


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