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Guyod Dagiti Ramut (1995)

"Guyod Dagiti Ramut (Pull of Roots) is the initial book of Annak Ti Kailokuan Iti Amerika (AKA). It contains the history of Ilocos provinces, essays on different subject matters, Iloko poetry, stories, drama and komedia (Moro-Moro).

"Our purpose of having this book printed is to record and accumulate important facts, data, and relevant historical and political informations about the Philippines Its contents were very important to us here in Hawaii and the mainland where great number of Filipinos are now living permanently...." [from the Introduction]

Please cite individual articles/writers and volume title as follows:

[author (last name first)]. 1995. [story/poem/essay title] Guyod Dagiti Ramut, [pages]. Saludes, Pacita C.; Jeremias A. Calixto, Ricarte A. Agnes and Carlo M. Laforga, editors. Annak Ti Kailokuan Iti America. http://www.efilarchives.org/publications (accessed [date of download]).

Foreward, by Jeremias A. Calixto
Introduction, by Pacita C. Saludes

I. English Section

A. History of Ilocos Provinces
1. Abra: How It Came To Be, by Lito Q. Peig
2. La Union: Heart of the Quadrangle, by Peter La. Julian
3. Ilocos Norte: Tracing Its Root, by Severino V. Pablo

B. Feature Articles
1. Komedia: A Vanishing Form of Stage Entertainment
2. Ilocanos Abroad: Observations and Impressions, by Drs. Godofredo and Dedicasion A. Reyes
3. How Annak Ti Kailokuan Came Into Being, by Pacita C. Saludes
4. In Hawaii, You Are Among Friends, by Jose A. and Crispina C. Bragado
5. Building the Dream
6. Reaching for Higher Grounds, by Jeremias A. Calixto
7. Ilocanos In Hawaii, by Pacita C. Saludes
8. Illustrious Woment of Ilocandia, by Emilio L. Alvarez
9. this is the Ilocano, by Emilio L. Alvarez
10. Manang Pacing: Ilocandia's Soul, by David D. Saludes

C. Biographies
1. Dr. Belinda Aquino
Benji "Blue" Baruela
3. Rev. Jaime F. Galvez
4. Zosie Batoon
5. Victor Mon
6. Vice Presidents of AKA

II. Ikoko Section

A. Sarita
1. Maysa a Rabii, Naslag Diay Bulan, by Ricarte A. Agnes
2. Dios Ti Agbati, by Jeremias A. Calixto
3. Puraw, by Valeriano U. Martin
4. Agawidtan, Melita, by Amigabl Adviento

B. Dandaniw
1. Cleo Bala
Ania Ketdin ni Ayat
Didak Kadi Umsien
2. Jeremias A. Calixto
Arbis ken Sumipnget
Filipinas Kong Mahal
3. Elpidio and Vina Antolin
4. Fely Cristobal
Dagiti Pannarabaymo
5. Nora Cabico
Daytoy Ti Lubongko
6. Salvador and Nenet Diga
Aramid Ti Pagkikitaan
7. Severino A. Lazo
To the Islander
8. Es Ey Lazo
Binglay Ti Padi
9. Pacita C. Saludes
Kagimongan Iti Hawaii
Dagiti Ramen Ti Biag
Birngasda ken Pinoy
Kasla Pagorasan ti Biag
Guyod Dagiti Ramut
Beloved Father
Patgenmi nga Ama
Annak Ti Kailokuan Iti Amerika

C. Salaysa
1. Piesta Ti AKA, by Carlo M. Laforga
2. Dagiti Naimbag a Kano, by Jeremias A. Calixto
3. Kas Ilokos Ti Hawaii, by Jeremias A. Calixto
4. Umuna nga Ilokana nga UMPIL Awardee, by Prodie Gar. Padios
5. Aldaw Ti Wayawaya: Naselebraran Ditoy Carson, by Severino A. Lazo

D. Komedia Ilokana
1. Kabibiag ni Prinsesa Amapel, by Pacita C. Saludes
2. Pagarian ni Ari Maddas, by Pacita C. Saludes

E. Drama
1. Napugsat a Tanikala, by Pacita C. Saludes
2. Natiltil Nga Ayat, by Pacita C. Saludes

F. Pictorials

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